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Sep 22, 2010 10:00pm EDT
down. why they may have to put the dog down. >>> j lo and steven tyler are joining idol. will they live up to all the hype? coming up at 10:30, you can log onto and click on live video in the news chat. there you can talk to other viewers and send us questions for our panelists. we'll be right back. building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >> take a look at this video. what does this man look like he's doing? selling something, taking a survey. howard county police say that's not close to what he was up to. they say the man you just saw with the shirt and tie is the preppy burglar, and he was no good when he knocked on that door. wisdom martin joins us with details.
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
low pose and stephen -- lopez and steven tyler are rumored to be the next judges. who will be sitting at the judge's table in january? >> jennifer lopez rumor has a lot of basis in reality. she has been on the show before. her manager works very closely with a lot of the artists. the steven tyler rumor is the most interesting one out of this whole thing. sort of came out of nowhere. handle really heard his name being thrown around during any of these preliminary stages. again, it's a great career move for stephen. >> idol producer nigel understands the speculation surrounding the show but wants the spotlight shifted back to where it should be, on the contestants. >> in truth we have got to get the focus back on the real talent which are the kids in that stadium and all around the country. >> idol fans will just have to wait and see. in new york, laura ingle fox news. >> not a whole lot of dancing on "american idol." that's not really what they are being judged on. >> but at thisevent that's what it's all about. we will explain what they doing. >> what they are doing. >> and gwen is co
Sep 18, 2010 2:30pm PDT
sport you'd see added to a school curriculum. tyler's here to tell us about it. tyler? >> mwanzaa, this is not your typical gym class. these high school students are skateboarding for credit. its third period at east side community high school, and these students are rolling into gym class. here, skateboarding is an elective. students can take it instead of the typical phys ed courses. >> everybody line up. you ready? >> reporter: professional skateboarder billy rohan is the coach. he was running a popular after school program when the principal took notice. >> and so, i asked billy, would you be interested in doing this as a gym class, and he jumped at the idea. >> i put together a curriculum and we started the class. it was a big success. >> reporter: most adults probably look at skateboarding as a rather hazardous sport. but billy says with the right emphasis on safety it's really not. >> one of the biggest myths of skateboarding is how dangerous it is. it's actually way less dangerous than most sports. like the most common injuries are sprained ankles and sprained wrists. so w
Sep 29, 2010 7:00am EDT
tyler wilson wants to be a cheerleader. some bullies teased him about it and broke his arm in a fight. but tyler is not giving up. we'll talk to he and his mom. but andrea canning with his story on what happened. >> reporter: when the fictional football star wanted to join the cheerleading squad on the season premiere of "glee," it made for a funny moment. ♪ >> reporter: but when tyler wilson, an ohio sixth grader joined the flag city youth cheerleading squad in june, it was no laughing matter. the 11-year-old says when word got out he was the only male on the team, he was allegedly teased, then beaten by two classmates that broke his arm. >> it feels horrible that they can't accept me for what i am. it's my choice if i want to be a cheerleader. i'm a cheerleader. >> reporter: tyler's story is hardly unique. a recent study shows that nearly one in three middle and high school students say they've been the victim of bullying. and one in nine high school students, that's nearly 3 million teens nationwide, reported they've been tripped, shoves, pushed, or spit on in the last school yea
Sep 4, 2010 1:30pm EDT
about. tyler has the story. tyler? >> reporter: mwanzaa, we're talking about judo. it's based on the martial art that means "the gentle way." but judo the sport is anything but gentle. it may look like wrestling, but judo is completely different. >> judo is not like karate because karate is kicking and sort of punching and judo is throwing and rolling. >> reporter: the idea is to use your opponent's aggressiveness to your advantage. >> if we're practicing judo together and you're walking towards me, i'm going to use your momentum or the force that you're moving forward with to throw you onto your back either by tripping you or moving my body in front of yours so that you'll fall over me. >> reporter: in each class students bow to their teacher, or sensei, and to a photo of judo's japane founder, gigoro kano. kano struggled with martial arts because he was very small. >> so he wanted to prove that he could beat the larger competitors. he developed judo so he was able to do that. >> reporter: taraje williams-murray also knows how to win. he's a national champion and competed in the 200
FOX News
Sep 25, 2010 7:00pm EDT
tyler wilson is a cheerleader. tyler saying bullies broke his arm when they roughed him up but despite the abuse and teasing, he still persevered and what does that spell, a lot of heart. mark of fox affiliate from cleveland, ohio has more. >> tyler wilson knows his after school activity may be a bit unusual, but he wanted to be a cheerleader and he made it happen. >> i didn't want to feel like --. >> he is a sixth grader at glenwood middle school and he made the cheerleading squad. the city program is unaffiliated with the school but that is where he says he was endlessly bullied by players and eventually he was beat up by two classmates who tyler says jumped him after school and broke his arm when he was knocked out. his mom says he could be teased but he didn't want to stop him from doing it. >> no, i'm not going to tell him to do it. i want him to enjoy whatever he wants to enjoy in life. >> her son was attacked back on august 31 and first lied about what happened to his arm. once she found out the truth from the doctor, she had no choice but to call the police. >> knees ki
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 7:00pm EDT
some sort of sexual encounter with another man. the freshman in question's name is tyler clemente. he was 18 years old and we're told he was an accomplished violinist. his family says they are heart broken beyond words. well, now, two 18-year-olds who had only been in college for a month face the possibility of years in prison. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. do we know how this unfolded? >> darren roby, one of the accused freshman was his roommate along with his friend molly way, they set up this hidden camera first on september 19th and then went to way's room and watched on a laptop as tyler clemente apparently had sex. they did the same thing again on september 21st, a day later, tyler clemente having posted on the facebook, going to jump off the g.w. bridge. sorry. he did just that. he went to the george washington bridge over the hudson river, that connects new jersey and new york and threw himself into the hudson and there is late word tonight, shep, that police have recovered a body from the hudson river. it may be that of 18-year-old tyler cle
Sep 29, 2010 10:00pm EDT
jersey tuesday jennifer lopez and he thai stephen tyler join randy for the first round -f auditions. tyler said he will let the contestants know what he this.3 >> i will. those that have an act together. i will ell them don't be angry, don't be mad at what i say. get better. tyler? can get maddat steve ú%ason 10 starts in anuary %->> a modeling mix up major ti3 reelity competition nnmes thh wrong winner on live tv. >> it is bad. in tonight'' "word on the web". judy kurtz reveals what happened. after the vvry embarrassing mistake. judy? >> you may want to call this aú major fashion faux paux. australia's top model crowned on tv. but the problem, the wrong model announced as the champ. clipphas gotten hundreds of thousands of views on "youtube". of course here in the states, tara banks hosts it, in austtalia it is hosted by sarah murdoch. check out how it all goes down. >> so the winner, and -uutralia's next top model for 2010, is. it is you kelsey. >>>i am so sorry about this. oh, my god. oh, i don't know what to say. this is not -- thhs is a commlete accident. it is amanda. becaus
Sep 23, 2010 4:25am EDT
american idol judges, jennifer lopez and steven tyler. can they really replace simon? we'll hear from the new idol judges coming up next. [ female announcer ] it starts with you falling in love with the most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. see your ethan allen design center for two beautiful ways to save. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. [ quinand this is my eggo., on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. [ whispering ] i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ quinn ] l'eggo my eggo. [ louise ] my name is louise and this is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with a quick smoodge of cream cheese... at least that part's easy. [ male announce
Sep 23, 2010 12:30pm PDT
. and to announce the first place winner, mr. wes tyler of union square. wes? big mystery. who's the winner. >> by the process of elimination, it's koit! >> koit. mr. scotty bastopol for the third year in a row. love this city. thank you. >> runners up. the 47th not -- annual cable car bell ringing competition, no particular order, mr. trini whitaker. sullivan philips. ken lunardi. and joseph hsu. come up and get your trophies. thank the judges. [laughter] now it's time for what you've been waiting for, third place, ladies and gentlemen, mr. howard woo. howard woo. again, they're not booing you. all right. mr. ken mcdonald. chief of muni operations officer, please come forward to help me present the second place trophy. second place, ladies and gentlemen. mr. frank ware. and before we announce the winner i'm going to drag this out even longer. i'm going to take a moment to thank the kind people who made the 47th annual cable car bell ringing contest possible the the vice chair of the sfmt board of directors. and friends of the cable car music, union square association, trophy masters
Sep 30, 2010 1:00pm EDT
now. the other one committed suicide. meet tyler clementi, a freshman at rutgers university in new jersey. his family says he died after jumping off the george washington bridge into the hudson river. two fellow students, dharun ravi and molly wei are charged with invasion of privacy after allegedly putting a camera into the 18-year-old's dorm room without his knowledge and broadcasting elements of -- broadcasting his sexual encounters. ravi, the one student who's been charged, was tyler's roommate. he's believed to have sent out this twitter post, reading, quote, roommate asked for the room till midnight. i went into molly's room and turned on my web cam. i saw him making out with a dude. yay. now meet chris armstrong, the other subject of the conversation we're talking about. he's the first openly gay student body president at the university of michigan. and the target of a venomous blog by an assistant state attorney general named andrew shirvel. armstrong isn't been smeared for a suspected crime. instead he claims armstrong is pushing a, quote, radical homosexual agenda. he cal
Sep 28, 2010 10:00pm EDT
scenes as j-lo and steven tyler gear up for american idol auditions. .an "american idol" auditions. >> a shocking find on facebook uncovered by fox news. pedophile groups running fan pages. fox news did a simple facebook search and found dozens of pages associated with the largest pro-pedophilia group in the world. the federal investigators are using the facebook to find them and real in charges. facebook has a policy against groups taking part in child exploitation and is investigating. >>> the district attorney accused of sending sexual text messages is resigning. he's accused of sending inappropriate text messages to women who were victims of abuse in cases he was prosecuting. >> it obviously hit home and you know not being able to trust our da and victims of domestic violence coming forward they need to trust their das, and anyone who's in office. >> he's been really humbled from his voice. that's all i can tell. >> i'm sorry, really humbled by this whole thing. >> reporter: the former da was not in court today. he voluntarily committed himself to an unspecified institution for treat
Sep 15, 2010 12:35am EDT
feeling you no more." >> "he ain't feeling you no more." >> jimmy: we got to call tyler perry and have him make that. [ laughter ] >> tyler perry's -- >> jimmy: "he ain't feeling you no more." >> tyler perry's "the kids are a'ight." >> jimmy: tyler perry's "he ain't feeling you no more." he'll do it. >> jimmy: we have to talk about "alpha and omega." it's an animated movie, 3-d. >> yes. >> jimmy: you play a wolf. >> i play a wolf, and we go on adventures. we go on wolf adventures. we get relocated to another part of the country to repopulate, which sounds like kind of an adult theme. a lot of wolf boning in the movie. kids are going to love it. >> jimmy: yeah. yeah. but it's a cute movie. we have a clip from movie here. it's "alpha and omega." justin long. ♪ >> they're too far ahead. we'll never make it. >> hold on! ♪ >> look! [ screaming ] >> world adventurers. >> i told you we make a good team. >> did you say that? i thought i said that. >> jimmy: it's cute. it's in theaters this weekend. "alpha and omega." more with justin long when we get back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ host: cou
Sep 23, 2010 12:30am EDT
and stephen tyler join american dol. one unfamiliar face among them that wiil be a new addition to the idol crew. who he is and how the liieup %> ravens are bumming for sure over the loss to the cincinnati >> a hollywood socialite guilty drug plea bars her from entering japaa. >> paris hilton was detain inn3 tokyo yesterdaa. the ay after she pled guilty to japan has sttict immigration laws which deny entry to people3 convicced of drug offenses. although the terms of hillon's sentences do not restrict the country's laws and boarded a plane home. she was there on business..3 >> she thought it was like reallyyhot. >> this is nur new american idol, worst kept secret in the but j-lo and stephen ttler join randy at the judge's table.ú nigel liveco is returring. and if you wonder who the forth person woull be, it issrecording executive jimmy ivan. >> everyone wantt to know if ii is the samee nothing could be the same for 10 years, or do you mean to failure. >> ivan will act as in house mentor and showw back stage with the contestants throughout the american idol season. >> and now here
FOX News
Sep 13, 2010 6:00am EDT
apparently, steven tyler also going to be a judge officially. >> yeah, and the other rumor is she wanted to be consulted before steven tyler was actually hired. >> what doou mean you hired him?. u should talk to me. >> paula abdul worked out. her careerad bottomed out and she reinvigorated her career there. j. lo is someone who is on the backside. >> what about, gigli? >> that failed as well witeh bn afleck as he failed with her or she failed with him. sony dropped her from the music label. it seems like she didn't have many o sptions and she has had lavish lifestyle with her would-be husband. >> i think they are still married. >> what she had in her back pocket is the fact that simon cowell had offered her to be one of the judges on the us. edition of "x fact or" that starts next year. she was playing simon cowell against thedu producers of "american idol" saying you know what? if you don't give me the $15 million, i'llo work for simon next year. >> i feel like i'm on tmz/the insider. i finally feel cool. >> heated exchan between the teacher and new jersey governor chris christie. >> if yo
Sep 30, 2010 4:30am EDT
gay. more, now, from abc's richard cantu. >> reporter: at 18, tyler clementi was pursuing his love of music a rutgers university. but a betrayal of trust apparently drove him to jump off of this bridge. as clementi had a sexual encounter with another man in his dormroom, police say his roommate sent it live to the internet from a hidden camera. then, boasted by tweet, roommate asked for the room till midnight. i went into molly's room and turned on the web cam. dhraun ravi and molly wei were arrested. >> it makes you feel like you're careful who you talk to. who is in your room. >> it's scary a little bit. knowing your face and your personal privacy could be invaded. and could be accessed by millions of people. >> reporter: in a statement, tyler's relatives say, the family is heartbroken beyond words. one gay rights group is calling this is a hate crime. writer dan savage started a youtube channel where gay adults can post videos to encourage gay teens that however bad it is, it gets better. >> social media today means that kids can have help and support. >> reporter: this support
Sep 30, 2010 7:00am EDT
encounter he had was broadcast online by his roommate. tyler clementi was believed to have jumped from new york's george washington bridge last week. and now, two rutger university students face invasion of privacy charges for allegedly using a web cam to catch clementi having sex with another man. linsey davis is in new brunswick, new jersey, with the latest on this troubling story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it happened last week, starting with a simple tweet. days later, a student here is dead. investigators believe there is a connection. tyler clementi and dhraun ravi had only known each other a few weeks. police say ravi started tweeting about him. on september 19th, this post on twitter. roommate asked for the room till midnight. i went into molly's room and turned on my web cam. i saw him making out with a dude, yay. authorities say ravi didn't just use the web cam to watch the male encounter with a classmate, he streamed the video live over the internet, for anyone to see. two days later, police say ravi tried it again. and wrote this message to anyone
Sep 22, 2010 11:00pm EDT
stephen tyler join american dol. one unfamiliar face among them that wiil be a new addition to the idol crew. who he is and how the liieup %> ravens are bumming for sure over the loss to the cincinnati ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. old old bbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. >> a hollywood socialite guilty drug plea bars her from entering japa
Sep 30, 2010 7:00pm EDT
graduated high school with honors and scholarships. but the body of 18-year-old tyler clemente was pulled from the hudson river just days aft two of his rutgers college freshman classmates allegedly secretly videotaped him during a sexual encounter with another man and streamed that video live. three days later, reportedly wrote on his facebook page, jumping off the g.w. bridge, sorry. but there's a growing chorus of voices saying this is an incident of not just of cyber bullying but of cyber gay bashing. >> that's really amplified and changed this unpleasant behavior. >> reporter: in one survey, 85% of lesbian, gay and transgender students reported being verbally harassed. 40% physically harassed. and 19% physically assaulted. in september alone, three other teens were mocked for being gay or perceived to being gay took their own lives. 13-year-old seth walsh of california, and 15-year-old biy lucas of indiana both hanged themselves. and 13-year-old asher brown of texas killed himself with a gu >> his life was intended because of intolerance and hate. >> life gets better. >> reporter: re
Sep 30, 2010 6:30pm EDT
honors and scholarships. but the body of 18-year-old tyler clemente was pulled from the river just days after his classmates secretly videotaped him during a sexual encounter with another man and streamed that video live. three days later, he reportedly wrote on his facebook page, jumping off the g.w. bridge, sorry. but there's a growing chorus of voices saying this is incidents of cyber gay bashing. >> that's really am plyified and changed this unpleasant behavior. >> reporter: in one survey, 85% of gay students reported being verbally harassed. 40% physically harassed. and 19% physically saumted. in september alone, three other teens were mocked for being gay or perceived to being gay took their own lives. 13-year-old seth walsh of california and billy lucas of indiana hanged themselves. >> his life was intended because of intolerance and hate. >> life gets better. >> reporter: relationship columnist dan save j, who's gay, says getting past the hate is hard but not impossible. >> when a gay kid commits suicide, what he's saying he can't picture a future with any joy in it, a futu
Sep 30, 2010 5:30pm EDT
thursday. rosy. >>> a very troubling story to tell you about now. tyler clemente killed himself after a sexual encounter he had was broadcast online by his rutges university roommate. he killed himself last week. now two students face invasion of privacy charges. here is lindsey davis. >> reporter: tyler clemente had been at rutges university for a month when the freshman's roommate allegedly recorded him having a sexual encounter with another man in his dorm room. data room robbie and molly way are believing have believed to have watched online. they have been charged with secretly setting up a live stream and advertising it on a twitter count. roommate asked for the room until midnight. i turned on the web cam. i saw him making out with a dude. yay. prosecutors say two days later robbie wrote this message to 150 people following him on twitter. anyone with i chat, i dare you to video chat me between the hours of 9:30 and 12. yes, it's happening again. a day later clemente said his final good-bye on his facebook page by simply writing "jumping off the gw bridge. story." clemente did ex
Sep 30, 2010 6:30pm EDT
identified the body of tyler clem men ty, the young man who leapt from a bridge after his college roommate secretly broadcast his gay sexual encounter live over the internet. tonight, we have more on the roommate and the other student arrested as authorities consider stiffening the charges against them. and weapon also have what the boy wrote before he died. linsey davis reports. >> reporter: they appear to be some of the last web postings by 18-year-old tyler clementi. on september 2 1s, a user name reportedly linked to clementi on the past blogged on a gay website about a roommate spying on him. "don't want to report him and then end up with nothing happening." the last post under this user name says he told his residential adviser. police say hours later, clementi jumped off the george washington bridge. it's now clear for his own internet trail that clementi's roommate knew he was gay back in august. but his friend and neighbor says it wasn't a hate crime, that ravi was a regular guy, excited about college and was not homofoe big. >> very, very open-minded, and he, i feel like if it ha
Sep 29, 2010 6:00pm EDT
the idol's newest judges, steven tyler and jennifer lopez. more than 100 contestants made the cut from the thousands who originally tried out there. two from our area. sherri ly was in jersey city with more on. that. >> reporter: i'm courtney, 19 years old and i will be singing vivala vida by coldplay. >> reporter: she hopes this "american idol" audition will be different. she tried out twice before. >> the second time i forgot the words. >> reporter: she's never made it this far and going before the idol judges in jersey city and trying to get to hollywood. >> reporter: i know i just need a couple of minutes. >> reporter: her knees shook anxiously waiting for her turn to perform. a family friend is nervous for her, too. >> music is her life. we're excited about this opportunity. this is going to change her whole world. >> reporter: courtney has more than 20,000 followers on her youtube chapel. "american idol" has 20 million. >> and the contestants said they grew up watching the show. >> reporter: with steven tyler and jennifer lopez added to the mix, this year's contestants are n
Sep 22, 2010 12:05am EDT
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Sep 30, 2010 3:00pm EDT
freshman who reportedly jumped from the george washington bridge. officials believe 18-year-old tyler clementi took his own life after a private moment in his dorm room was secretly strewn on the internet for others to see. now his roommate and another student face charges of privacy violation laws. >> right now in term os it have legal case, it's really just at the beginning. the two suspects, both 18-year-old freshmen, have only been charged wl several counts of privacy law violations, which upon conviction could result in jail sentences of three to five years. but there's already talk this could be a civil rights violation case. and gay rights groups are saying it could be prosecuted as a hate cream. they're saying the tweet that one of the suspects put out, that dharun ravi put out. he said roommate asked for the room until midnight. i went to molly's room and turned on my webcam. saw him making out with a dude. yay. it was three days after that event that the victim in this case, whose name is tyler clementi, according to two witnesses, jumped off the george washington bridge to
Sep 9, 2010 12:05am EDT
the kids. speaking of judges, it's not official yet, but steven tyler is expected to be named judge on "american idol" this season. and his long-time guitar player joe peary is not happy. he said that tyler didn't tell the members of the band he might not be available. and he called "american idol" one step up from the teenage mutant ninja turtles. maybe perry is actually audit n auditioning and they don't realize it. he's threatening to find a new singer for aerosmith. maybe tyler will find one for him, you know? he's going to be looking. you know, they could always replace him with twofolded pieces of bologna stuck to a mr. potato head. the songs sing themselves at this point. there is someone they ought to talk to. yoko ono is -- well, she recently perform what she called a voice art piece at the museum of modern art in new york and it was -- as you can imagine, quite wonderful. [ screaming ] [ screaming ] >> jimmy: well -- she's still got it. i guess, right? [ applause ] this is -- this is crazy. this is real security camera footage from a cruise ship that, i guess was hit by a
Sep 5, 2010 6:00am PDT
. >> thank you, lisa. sounds good. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. police in san francisco are investigating a crash that occurred late last night leaving two people dead at the scene, three others are in critical condition this morning. it happened around 10:30 near the southern end of lake mersaid where lake mersaid boulevard meets. a gray two-door honda crossed over into oncoming traffic and was broadsided by a white toyota. two men in their twenties inside the honda died at the scene. three people in the toyota are in critical condition. police can't say yet what caused the honda's driver to veer off course. the word sensored replaces the phrase adult services on craigslist this morning. this comes after 17 state attorneys general called on the website to get rid of those ads. abc 7's amy hollyfield reports. >> those who have pressured craigslist are now full of praise. >> over a number of years, we've persuaded craigslist to take ax axle -- action eliminating prostitution ads. >> the word sensored now appears where the adult services section on
Sep 14, 2010 5:00pm EDT
: it's still looking like steven tyler and randy jackson. so, you will see randy come back but steven tyler is the other big one for "american idol" and switching out the entire cast and make a new season. i don't know if there is going to be a judge or not or something different. >> so no brittany spears and no jessica simpson then, huh? >> that is not what we're hearing. hearing steven tyler, j-lo and randy. >> dax holt with the update on "american idol." thank you so much. we'll see you guys here for tmz on the at 6:30. >>> "american idol" is going to draw that one out as long as possible and keep the momentum going, you know. keep us talking about it, right? >>> let's go to brian bolter now for a look at what he's talking about on the news edge at 6. >>> coming up in six minutes, all eyes on d.c. the voters go to the poll to cast their ballots in a hotly-contested mayor's race. it's not been all smooth sailing. still ahead on the edge, the problems plaguing polling places all over the city. >>> plus. >> everybody loves us a 3-day weekend, right? apparently it depends on who is doi
Sep 30, 2010 6:00am EDT
lawyer says 18-year- old tyler clemente jumped off a new jersey bridge. his driver's license and rutgers identification were found in a wallet on that bridge but his body hasn't been recovered. two rutgers students are charged with illegally taping that and posting it on the treft. >>> sarah palin says 18-year- old sean christy threatened her on the phone and also in written messages he apparently told her to watch her back and you was buying a one-way ticket to alaska. she also says is he sent her a letter with proof that he had purchaseed a gun. >>> a political showdown but not with your usual players. republican gubernatorial candidate in new york karl paladino faced off with a "new york post" reporter. >> do you are the evidence or not. >> i will at the appropriate time -- >> he has three daughters. how can you say that about him radio i have a daughter too. >> i have a daughter. >> trade, that's it. >> stay away from me. >> what evidence do you have? >> listen. >> you've done one your -- >> say that one more time. >> this heated argument began after reporter asked him what e
Sep 20, 2010 6:00pm EDT
give never toughest assignment and graham gano learns from being iced. and tyler colvin never expected tobe >>> it was very good until the very end. >> a lot of good ball playing yesterday. and 400 and some yards of offense. almost unheard of with this team. >> reporter: it hasn't been done by two opposing quarterbacks in this game since 1994. thawas dan marino and drew bledsoe. a fun fact for you. certainly a rare opportunity to see an exciting game. the rookie left tackle trent williams did have an mri. his results came back as negative. the problem is he is still very sore. they will re-evaluate to see if he can get out there on the feel and he'll be able to play against the rams. if not, mike shanahan did say he is very confident. the team overall, very frustrated with the loss. especially consideringhow well they did offensively. but some players on defense, a little bit fired up. today, deangelo hall was one of them. he was furus saying he wanted to take matters into his own hand. let me take you back to the field. he is identified really by the coaching staff as one of
Sep 22, 2010 11:00pm PDT
el vocalista de aerosmith "steven tyler"... jlo dijo que ere fanatica del programa y que dara lo mejor de si para encontrar a una estrella de la musica... despues del fracaso de su carrera musical y actoral, esperemos y este proyecto le funcione...a los que les sigue yendo de maravilla, a juzgar por el exito es a los chicos de calle 13... el duo puertorriqueÑo estrena su nuevo sencillo "vamo a portarnos mal" que se desprende de su nuevo disco "entren los que quieran"... este tan solo es uno de los varios temas controversiales que incluye el album... lo que invita la cancion es a portarse mal y a atreverse a romper las reglas... mientras tanto ustedes portense bien y que pasen una excelente noche... nos vemos manana con mas acceso total... ---de nuevo, "tu voz en la comunidad"...---usted ¿come en los camiones de tacos? ... ¿le parecen una buena alternativa ... ---asi llegamos al final de nuestro programa. gracias por su sintonia, nos veremos maÑana a las seis en noticiero telemundo 48--- ---soy blanca
Sep 23, 2010 12:00pm PDT
bureau and wes tyler, general manager, chancellor hotel on union square and president of the union square association. let's hear it for all those judges, ladies and gentlemen. now, these judges have a very, very difficult job. they have to rate the competitors. each bell ringer will be judged on rhythm, originality, and style. today we're going to find out who has the it factor and before the amateur competition stuff starts, i'd like to bring up a former bell-ringing champion, mr. carl payne, ladies and gentlemen. not one, not two, not three, 10-time bell-ringing champion. the only bell-ringing champion who is even close to this would be mr. byron cobb, who has five wins. and buddy, my second husband, what's the secret to winning? >> stay on god's good side. >> ah, that sounds good. now what we're going to do is ask you to go up and gib these fine people a sample of the championship bell-ringing that you have done since, oh, gosh, i can't even -- when cable car was in black and white. it's been a long time. mr. carl payne, the winningest cable car bell ringer ever. [ringing bell]
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm EDT
jersey city, new jersey yesterday, jennifer lopez and steven tyler joined randy@ jackson for the first round. hh said he's going to let the contestants really know what he thinks of their talent in a nice way. >> i certainly ill just the together.have half an act i'm going to tell them don't be angry, don't be mad at what i say, get bettee. p> season ten starts in january right here on fox 45. >>> and expecting to see some ♪ my back is gettin' tight ♪ i'm sittin' here in traffic ♪ ♪ on the queensboro bridge tonight ♪ ♪ but i don't care, 'cause all i want to do ♪
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